Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rhino Poetry Session, 04/01/2009

Angelina Esteban (mentee)

I am realistic and joyful like a child in a ferris wheel
I hear a lot of voices telling me “yes”, “no”, and “ok” like a quite drum beet
I see a life being carried by the wind and I wonder were its landing would be

I wonder how the years will change my life
I want to become like a trophy, shining to the world of my success
I pretend to hide from my obstacles even though I will have to confront them one day
I feel like a flower being warm by the sun
I cry when I see a calm sea but can see the whirlpool underneath
I am a child that can be saved with the sight of a smile

I understand that life is like a steep mountain to be climbed, but I am willing to learn how to fall and get up proud and strong.
I always try to infect others with my happiness of a new day.
I see storming cloud poring pure water on me, opening a path of success within me.

I hope that my journey will have an awaiting life; the life that awaits me will end up with a happy and remarkable ending.

I am realistic and joyful like a child in a ferries wheel.

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