Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rhino Poetry Session, 04/01/2009

Dennis (Rafiki) Rivas (Mentee)

All the recollection of my childhood memories remind me of all the worries we engaged, I, only the neglection of my father became an injection to you as I grew.
I poisoned your big kind heart, worse I hit it with a dart causing a leak making you weak while I stepped a new life… into the street.
Every crime to you was a whine, an 'oh my', an, ‘Oh why?!’
Your love only became bigger.
The hate I had to my father only incremented while I implemented all my negativity towards you.
My mother became the pipe and my father that man on the corner who always tried keeping me sober but how ironic he was the connect.

I felt your pain and heard you shed those tears and my fears kicked in.
I found a resemblance to my father.
My body broke down, my soul broke down, my tears broke out.
My tears were what Maria and I needed.
My tears brought us closer.
Now we truly are mother and son, Maria and I.

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