Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Urban Oasis Film Academy Featured on KPCC

The Urban Oasis Film Academy was recently feature on KPCC.  

From the KPSS Multi-American blog: South LA's Film Students

The Urban Oasis Film Academy teaches the art of filmmaking to teens in South Los Angeles, allowing them to make films that have gone on to win awards and landed jobs for some in the film industry.

Videographer Katherine Sheehan interviewed several of the students and instructors for KPCC, including a couple of boys who documented their crosstown trip from South L.A. to Santa Monica, contemplating the socioeconomic and culture divide between the two sides of the city. “It’s beautiful out here,” one boy said once at the beach, “but it’s not for us.”

The Film Academy was started as a partnership between HBO and the Youth Mentoring Connection. A few of the students’ films can be seen here.

If you would like to help the Film Academy continue to impact and inspire inner-city youth, please contact Kimberlee at Youth Mentoring Connection (at 323-731-8080, or