Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HBO Thanksgiving - Toast & Turkey

In honor of the holidays, the mentees and mentors at HBO had a chance to share with each other what their ideal thanksgiving dinner would look like and what guests they would invite. They also had a chance to give a toast to those special people in their lives.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Gratitude and Prayer for Healing

I give thanks for moments of peace, love and respect; for the ability to imagine a just and loving world; for the beauty of all the expressions of love and gratitude that are abundant on this day.
As we offer each other nourishment of body and spirit, let us also offer deep gratitude for the original generosity of the natives of this land; prayers for healing of deep historical wounds that are too often revisited upon the less privileged and hope that we will learn to live together in harmony.  
I raise my glass to family and friends, to my YMC family and all who share this path of healing and to my beautiful partner Susan.

Peace and blessings,
Youth Mentoring Connection

Thursday, November 17, 2011

CHLA 2011-2012 Getting to Know You Sesion

CHLA mentors and mentees were given another opportunity to get to know each other. Each mentor and mentee were able to have quick individual discussion with one another. After the session, the mentors and mentees choose their top three picks. By next session, they will find out who they are matched up with!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CHLA Meet and Greet

CHLA's first group sesssion: mentors and mentess got together and interacted through different activities, discussions, pizza and chaos bowling.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rhino Mentoring Program 10/19/2011

At our Rhino mentoring program matches interviewed and introduced one another. Amor Armour and Glenn Schwartz created a rap song for their introduction.

G: This is Amor
A: This is Glenn
A: It’s out third year as a match
G: And Jodi is his pen.

A: The program is a lot of fun
G: As you’ll hear within our rap.
G: Lots of laughter and new experiences
A: But right now I need a nap.

G: Amor’s very creative
A: And Glenn’s a funny guy
G: We speak mentoring lingo
A: Sawbouna instead of hi.

G: This year we’ll do more one on ones
A: And conquer all our fears
G: If new matches have any questions
A: Ask as we’re all ears

A: We hope that you enjoyed our rap.
G: We hope it’s not to hammy
G: Look for us on TV
A: Winning our first Grammy.

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