Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rhino Mentoring Program 10/19/2011

At our Rhino mentoring program matches interviewed and introduced one another. Amor Armour and Glenn Schwartz created a rap song for their introduction.

G: This is Amor
A: This is Glenn
A: It’s out third year as a match
G: And Jodi is his pen.

A: The program is a lot of fun
G: As you’ll hear within our rap.
G: Lots of laughter and new experiences
A: But right now I need a nap.

G: Amor’s very creative
A: And Glenn’s a funny guy
G: We speak mentoring lingo
A: Sawbouna instead of hi.

G: This year we’ll do more one on ones
A: And conquer all our fears
G: If new matches have any questions
A: Ask as we’re all ears

A: We hope that you enjoyed our rap.
G: We hope it’s not to hammy
G: Look for us on TV
A: Winning our first Grammy.

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