Friday, April 27, 2012

Odyssey- Empowerment Session

In this session the youth and the mentors received an opportunity to learn what is sexuality and gender and what it is like to be seen as men and women in society. The activity consisted of a discussion and a moment of sharing between men and women about their continous struggles.

Paramount (LeConte): Mentee Summit

Mentees were given the opportunity to speak on topics they are not presented with on a regular basis while their mentors sat and listened to them. These middle school students had a lot of on their minds and some of the mentors were impressed on how articulate and knowledgeable their mentees are. Overall it was a learning experience for the mentors as they practiced active listening.

MTV: How do you like me now?

This session featured the game known as "How do you like me now?" Mentors and mentees were tested to see how well they know each other. Overall the activity proved to be challenging but fun as we witnessed pairs develop numerous strategies to win. It was an opportunity for mentor and mentee to bond and to continue to strengthen their relationships.

Shout!- Photography Session 4.20.12

The Mentees and Mentors at Shout! Factory had a chance to learn from a professional photographer about the different techniques involved in photography. They learned about the many creative ways to take and used photos. They also had an opportunity to share their own photos with the rest of the group.

WB Session: The Game Of Life

At our WB Group Session on Tuesday, the youth were given an opportunity to know what it’s like to be an adult through a life size game of the Game of Life.  Our Mentors practiced guidance and Mentoring as their Mentees made decisions that could be life changing. The way the Game of Life was set up was for the Mentees to receive a chance to either choose a career or go to college with an allowance to get through the game. Throughout the game, each mentee was presented with multiple decisions such as, pay back loans, buy a car, buy a house, and buy accessories. In the end of the game, the youth were able to realize that whether they had a good paying job or not...managing money as an adult needs to be a priority. Thank you Mentors for being so supportive throughout this activity and thank you Mentees for allowing your Mentors to mentor you.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Paramount: The Great Debate

The Great Debate at Paramount allowed mentees, with the help from their mentors, to practice their public speaking skills as well as their debating skills. As the debates became more intense the mentees became more competitive. All of the mentees had the opportunity to voice their opinions on controversial topics as their mentors watched and supported them.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

HBO- Film Project

HBO mentors and mentees were divided into 3 teams for a film project. The teams had assistance from Edgar (who is a film maker) and some of his friends. These are the following titles of the films: Teen Pregnancy, Choices we make, and What’s behind the Mask?. The screening is scheduled to take place on June 2nd at the Year-end celebration.