Friday, April 27, 2012

WB Session: The Game Of Life

At our WB Group Session on Tuesday, the youth were given an opportunity to know what it’s like to be an adult through a life size game of the Game of Life.  Our Mentors practiced guidance and Mentoring as their Mentees made decisions that could be life changing. The way the Game of Life was set up was for the Mentees to receive a chance to either choose a career or go to college with an allowance to get through the game. Throughout the game, each mentee was presented with multiple decisions such as, pay back loans, buy a car, buy a house, and buy accessories. In the end of the game, the youth were able to realize that whether they had a good paying job or not...managing money as an adult needs to be a priority. Thank you Mentors for being so supportive throughout this activity and thank you Mentees for allowing your Mentors to mentor you.

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