Thursday, March 29, 2012

MTV: The Great Debate

Mentees from the MTV program participated in a debate session with controversial topics (tagging as a felony, legal drinking age, amnesty for undocumented immigrants etc.) and were challenged to state why their arguments were valid. With the help from their mentors, mentees vocalized their opinions, and in a constructive manner debated with one another. Overall, the session allowed mentees to practice public speaking and active listening.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Odyssey Debate Session

At our Odyssey mentoring session the mentees and mentors where challenged with a debate tournament.This activity helped our youth come out of their shell and transformed them into upcoming lawyers and speakers. We were astonished by how our youth were involved and how they passionately defended their topics. Thank you all for being part of our family!

Paramount (LeConte): Bullying

Paramount's LeConte Middle School program featured the session known as "Bullying." The group was divided into 4 smaller groups each serving a purpose. One of the groups was blindfolded and told to walk a straight line while one group bullied them, another one supported them, and the last group remained neutral. Once the participants were allowed to reflect, personal stories about the effects of bullying were expressed by mentors and mentees.

Rhino: The Game of Life

At our Game of Life session at Rhino, mentees got the chance to experience some of the difficulties and responsibilities that come with being an adult. Mentees were guided by their mentors but ultimately the mentees made decisions such as; what house to buy, or whether to buy accessories for their cars or tires to ensure they have reliable transportation etc. Once mentees were given the opportunity to debrief, many expressed that being financially responsible was vital and many of them stated that pursuing higher education is imperative.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Write the Past, Create the Future

At our WB session, our Mentors and Mentees shared a part of their lives with us through their Poetry. They inspired, motivated and moved us all with their creativity of expression. Thank you all so much for helping us all create the space for healing and appreciation.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MTV: Family Night

Family Night is an opportunity for families of the mentees to meet the mentors, and for mentors to become more familiar with their mentees' family. On this specific day mentees, their families, and mentors from Santee  High School, Jefferson High School, and Viacom respectively, conversed, played games, and became more acquainted with one another. The night concluded with a slideshow which allowed the participants and their families to see what takes place in the mentoring program.

Rhino: Family Night

On this session known as Family Night, the families of the mentees had the opportunity to meet their child's mentor. Parents and other relatives of the mentees were not only introduced to the mentors, but were given a brief explanation of what the mentoring program provides their son or daughter. The night ended with a presentation of a slideshow so the parents could literally see what takes in this program.

Paramount - Poetry

During this mentoring session at Paramount, the mentees had the opportunity to listen to some of the great poetry and spoken word that Street Poets has created. Street Poets lead a workshop for the mentees in which the young people could write about anything they have felt or experienced.