Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rhino Poetry Session, 04/01/2009

Grandpa, My Old Abuelito
Jose Gonzalez (mentee)

I saw with pain, with fear, with sadness
You were the person that I wished I had more time with.
I watched you smile through a 4 inch window, happy to see me after a couple of years
I saw you place your hand on the glass so that it lined up with mine
And as I saw your hand rise up, I saw your hand like branches on a tree holding family together.
But after you left, the family separated into different directions, and so everyone scattered like splinters on a broken log.

I love you Grandpa, my old Abuelito
I imagine you working on construction and looking down to see the family
I see you sitting down on a chair telling stories of your childhood.
I imagine you screaming my name in the crowd and giving me a thumbs up.
Now I see you fly free, while I wave goodbye.
I love you grandpa, my old Abuelito.

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