Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hope for Foster Care Students attending California Universities

Students raised in foster care to get priority housing at California Universities
The importance of having a shelter can be undermined and forgotten by many. When we see a homeless person on the street we are quick to assume that it is their fault; that they refuse to search for employment or simply lack the will to better their life. When we are able to spare some change, are we pitying them or we being compassionate and thinking of all the people, circumstances and challenges that have placed them in that situation? It is very easy to judge a homeless adult whom we come across on the street but are people as quick to do that with a homeless family or young person?

Seeing a homeless family may strike different emotions in an individual because there are more people suffering, there may be children involved, and it is a part of our society to strive to have a nuclear, functional family. When people come across homeless youth it can be very easy to assume that they are merely punks who are rebelling against their parents, that they’ve run away and are choosing this lifestyle; but what about foster youth? Specifically those who have been emancipated from the system because they are now 18? Is it not the responsibility of the government to continue to support these young people in some way? Some of the barriers and walls that these individuals have had to cross are unbelievable and it seems so irrational to “free” them from an already dysfunctional child services system and expect them to do for themselves with no help.

I am glad to know that the state of California is now making more of an effort to help youth who come from the foster care system. It is remarkable what many have survived and getting to college is a huge accomplishment that not many experience. By having the public education system give year round on-campus housing to foster care college students is a huge support.

Overall, this new law is a step in the right direction. Hopefully in the future all foster care youth can count on some governmental support after they turn 18.


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