Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday with Mentor and Mentee - Liz & Angelina

"I thank my mentor for giving me the opportunity to meet someone like her and always making my days remarkable. I also thank Liz for being a really nice person and always being supportive. Thanks Liz for all those great times we had. I knew my mentor cared when she took me to her office and she showed me the things that she was into. She even gave me a grammy CD of 2008 even before it was released. I also remember when she took me horse back riding and telling me to be careful and teaching me how to ride a horse. Something that I learned and experienced in this program that made me grow was when we had to cover our eyes and let our mentors guide us. That showed me that I can trust someone and shouldn’t be scared. I also learned that if you have team work you can achieve something greater than if you work alone".

-Angelina Esteban

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