Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mentor-Mentee Snowboarding

Two of YMC's mentor-mentee matches joined Stoked Mentoring (in collaboration with Boarding House Mentors) for a snowboarding trip last weekend. Here's what they had to say:

"We ALLL had soooo much fun learning how to snowboard! Thank you so much for the invite AND we thanked STOKED several times for the invitation as well. They were so NICE and welcoming. I am definitely going back!!! It was my first time snowboarding, Tania's as well. Brenda and I loved it, Christy and Tania did have a bit of a rough patch in the beginning, since it was a bit tough getting the hang of it (with all the falling we did, they didn't enjoy that part). Tania enjoyed the snowboarding after the second go around. OVERALL, great trip and bonding with all the ladies! THANKS AGAIN!!!"
- Carol Diaz (Tania's Mentor)

"The Stoked members extended a very warm welcome to us and made us feel like part of the group. Cristy had a great time and I feel like it strengthened our relationship. Stoked incorporates action sports to help teens improve their self esteem and perservere and work through challenges and unfamiliar territory (first timers doing action sports). I'm glad we were able to participate and take advantage of such a great experience. "
- Brenda Felix (Cristy's Mentor)

Thank you to Stoked Mentoring and YMC's mentors for providing such a wonderful and challenging learning opportunity to our mentees.

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