Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pharmaceutical drugs are STILL drugs

Safe Drug Drop Off - Sheriff Baca, LA County Communities, and Narconon Join Together to Get Drugs Out of the Medicine Cabinet

Drug abuse among the youth has long been an issue. In recent times though, there has been an increased abuse of pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs. It is a popular belief among youth that it is "safer" to get "high" off of prescription or over-the-counter drugs than off of illegal substances. In reality though, regardless of whether the drugs are legal or illegal, an excessive amount anything or taking something without medical consent can be extremely dangerous. Due to the fact that most kids have access to these drugs in their own homes, an effort is being initiated by the Los Angeles Sheriffs office to try and create a disposal zone for the drugs that people no longer need or are expired.

"Mail-boxes" will be created where people can "drop off" any drugs that they no longer need or are expired and the Sheriffs Department will dispose of them. People can also drop off any "illegal" drugs they want to get rid of. This program will be piloted at the Sheriff's Office in Lomita and if the public responds positively by actually using it then more "mail-boxes" will be created across Los Angeles county.

This "mail-box" initiative may create an incentive for parents to get rid of any drugs they may not need more quickly to reduce the chance of any kids accessing them. The community does need to be more informed on the dangers of consuming pharmaceutical drugs and over-the-counter drugs for recreational use especially since the focus is always on illegal substances. The intentions of this program seem to definitely be positive but it is up to the community to actually use the mail boxes.


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