Friday, October 30, 2009

No Charges Will Be Filed

Prosecutors won't charge LAPD officers in immigration march melee at MacArthur Park

L.A. County district attorney's office will not press charges any LAPD officers who were involved in the 2007 May Day mayhem. Thousands of people take the streets on the first of May to have a peaceful demonstration and speak out for immigration reform. In 2007, many of the marchers, including media personnel, were injured as a cause of the “excessive” force used by LAPD. It is interesting to see that “legally” law enforcement could not have charges brought against them yet, L.A. city council agreed to pay almost $13 million to those injured or mistreated that day. In this case, law enforcement seems to be above the law because regardless of what was seen by other and experienced by those who were the day of the march, prosecutors felt there was “insufficient evidence” to file charges against some 30 LAPD officers. Many of us, our families, and communities were affected by the events of this day and it is frustrating to see that “legally” nothing will be done.

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