Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday's Word On The Street: I Love YMC

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve been blessed with many gifts, and Youth Mentoring Connection happens to be one those gifts. I joined YMC because although I had role models who set great examples for me and many people who would die to see me succeed, I wanted to create bond with someone who would let Gerica be Gerica. I wanted to be able to talk freely, laugh freely, vent freely; create a relationship that I knew would last. And no relationship lasts longer than a family. That’s exactly what YMC is. They encourage me, teach me, help me, push me (in a GREAT way), they are EXTREMELY patient with me, and they love me.

YMC is also one of those gifts that just decided to keep on giving. In August of 2009 I began my freshman year of college at San Jose State University as a Film major. I am so proud to say that my family (YMC) has helped me get here. I never knew exactly what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing until I found something that had a combination of two of my many strengths; creativity and command. With film I am able to “direct”, which translates to me as “bossing people around” and put forth my leadership skills. With film I am also able to edit footage and create many different projects that can portray my view of whichever the content of the footage is.

I always knew that YMC loved me but they put a heavy duty lock on that box when they added the Urban Oasis Film Academy to their list of programs. I was blessed to have been a part of the first film produced by the academy, which has led to many other great things. Our film was featured in the Los Angeles Film Festival’s Future Filmmakers Showcase. I participated in the “Digital Dreams” film panel at the Pan African Film Festival. I also have a College Internship granted by the City of San Jose through Work2Future. I am placed at San Jose Jazz, a non-profit organization, and I am editing footage from 2009 of their annual film festival and also putting together a video for their website.

I really am grateful for YMC and I will never forget or take for granted the love and guidance they have shown me.

I love Youth Mentoring Connection!

Gerica Preston

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