Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tony’s Blog: The World Does Not Support “Shy”

In this otherwise cynical and increasingly polarized world I am fortunate to see the best of the human spirit on a regular basis because of the work that I have chosen as my life’s path. I see people who have given up lucrative careers to work with youth because they saw a greater purpose for their life. I see adults give up large chunks of their time to mentor young people through difficult passages. I also see accomplished professionals using their gifts, cultivated over a lifetime of dedication, to give back and inspire young people to imagine a better future for themselves.

This morning I had the privilege of witnessing just that, as acclaimed stuntman, stunt coordinator, actor and director John Moio invited me to bring one of our young men from YMC to his Stuntman Workshop that he conducts twice per week without charging any of his students a penny to benefit from his wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience.

Our young man who received this opportunity of his lifetime is Floyd Atkins.

Two of the tenets that I am constantly reinforcing with our youth are:

1. Don’t compromise your dreams
2. The world does not support “shy”. If you don’t put yourself out there the world is not likely to come to you.

Floyd has dreamed of becoming a stuntman since he was six years old hanging onto his father's back as dad lept onto the roof of their house.  When Floyd witnessed similar behavior in the movies and on tv he was hooked and has been testing his body's athletic capacities ever since. 

Following my advice from above he shared his dream with us. So, when I was introduced to John Moio by my friend Cristi Catlin of HBO, and learned about his gifts as a stuntman I knew that Floyd’s opportunity to move in the direction of his dream had arrived.
Tony LoRe
Youth Mentoring Connection

Floyd Atkins at his first Stuntman Workshop

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