Monday, February 18, 2013

Today, Los Angeles; Tomorrow, The World!

When China and Peru want to do mentoring where do they turn for help?  Youth Mentoring Connection of course!

When Alberto, Teach for America teacher from Peru visited California this month he was looking for the most effective approach to mentoring that he could replicate in his country.  His search led him to Tony LoRe and Youth Mentoring Connection.  Reminds us of another Feb visit, when we hosted a delegation of 35 high ranking dignitaries from Macau, China.  When asked why they chose Youth Mentoring Connection (YMC), they replied that their research pointed to YMC as being the most innovative approach.  They were impressed with our graduation rates, success reducing gang involvement, mentor support and mentor testimonials about how the experience changed their life as well as their mentee. Tony, George Shohet (YMC Board Chair) and selected mentors Michael & Dani Carter and mentees Sergio, Imelda and Giovanni spent a day training the entire Chinese delegation in our mentoring process.
Watch for Youth Mentoring Connection's model to spread throughout the U.S. and the world!

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