Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Almost Two Years?

Ramses and I have been hanging around together for almost 2 years! It’s hard to believe that we’ve come this far. When we got matched up in 2009, I didn’t know what I was getting myself in to (im sure he didn’t either!). He started off pretty quiet…maybe a little shy. But now he’ll think nothing of getting up and speaking in front of the group.
I’ve grown as a man since we’ve met and have been able to talk to him about just about anything. He’s been with me through a new job, a break up, new place to live; through thanksgiving and Christmas, birthdays and BBQs. Malibu (my pup) loves when Ramses comes over. Ramses has much more energy than I do so I leave him to the dog wrestling!
Because of Ramses, I’ve experienced both Snowboarding AND surfing in our time together. We both learned a bit more about each other those times. Because both of us are down to do just about anything, we’re taking advantage of all that YMC has to offer-which has been quite a bit so far.
I hope, at some point, I can make as much of an impact on him, as he is making on me.
Thanks for hanging with me Ramses….

Mark Encinias

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