Friday, May 13, 2011

Agueda's Thoughts: We Wait.

As I listened to Obama’s speech on Tuesday about Immigration Reform I couldn’t wait to blog about it today. I took notes and paid close attention to all that he said but regardless of this, today I am finding it quite difficult to write about an issue that is so personal to me.

It was difficult and frustrating to listen to Obama talk about all the things that need/should happen within our immigration system because it is the same conversation that has been happening for years now. Everybody knows the system needs reforming. Those of us who are personally effected by the issue have been anxiously awaiting the change that was said to be near. Yet, this year there have been more deportations and family separations than any year in our recent history. The number of border agents has more than doubled since 2004; the wall the republicans wanted built along the border is now up; and less people are attempting to cross the border now. What else needs to happen? What barriers still need to be added? How much more hatred needs to be spread in order for those in power to understand that in essence, the changes they have made have only been put in place to keep the opposing political party happy.

No real change or comprehensive reform has happened. Yet, we wait. We wait because that is all we CAN do. We wait to see how many more families will be separated, how many more people will lose their jobs, their homes and their freedom. We wait. We wait while our families struggle to make ends meet, while our lives are on hold, and while more laws are passed that only perpetuate hatred and ignorance. Unfortunately, this waiting game along with everything else has lead to an increased feeling of disillusionment among many, like me.

Regardless of my frustration, disillusionment, and overall anger towards the status of our broken system I will continue to wait for something to change because I NEED something to change. I NEED it to change for me, my family and an entire portion of our population.


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