Monday, February 14, 2011

Would you give your life for love?

Rome, under the rule of the Emperor Claudius II was constantly engaged in war to expand the Roman Empire. Many of the young men that were to be soldiers became reluctant to leave wives and children to go off to war. So, Claudius outlawed marriage and decreed that all engagements be broken off immediately.

Roman Emperors were regarded as Gods. So, when Claudius learned that a certain priest of Rome, answering to a higher calling, disobeyed the edict and continued to perform secret wedding ceremonies he became furious. The priest was dragged from the temple, imprisoned and put on trial. A triumvirate of judges found him guilty and the priest was sentenced to be beaten, stoned and beheaded.

While in prison, the priest received a visitor - the blind daughter of one of the judges who convicted him. He is said to have cured her blindness and the priest fell in love with the judge’s daughter. While awaiting his execution the priest penned a note to the young woman expressing his love. It was signed:
“From your Valentine”

The execution of St. Valentine was carried out on February 14.

What would you die for?

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