Monday, November 15, 2010

My New Mentor…the lady in apartment #6

My Dear Friends,

Let’s put down our anger for a moment. Let’s forget about how our parents messed us up; how our culture messed us up; how the Republicans and the Democrats messed us up; how we messed ourselves up and take a few minutes to allow an amazing woman to mentor us.  Turn your speakers on.

Alice could certainly be bitter or angry about what she had to endure in life. Her mother was killed during the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia. She, her husband and son were sent to the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Her husband was moved to Auschwitz then Dachau where he died.

Alice swam daily until the age of 97. At 104, she published a bestselling book "A Garden of Eden in Hell" recalling the events of the concentration camps. Alice Herz-Sommer attributes her longevity to her optimism.

This month Alice will celebrate her 107th birthday. Happy Birthday Alice. Thanks for your birthday presence on this planet.

Peace and blessings,


Tony LoRe
Youth Mentoring Connection/Urban Oasis

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