Wednesday, April 28, 2010



I really did fight becoming a part of the avalanche of social media for as long as I possibly could. I had heard and seen the outrageous things our teens were posting on this thing called My Space, and I wanted none of it! I already knew enough thank you very much, and I was going to hold on to that tiny little life boat floating down my favorite river – denial. But, I was coerced by a certain Irish geek, that it would benefit YMC in the long run – so I did it. I hung the cattle bell around my na├»ve neck and plunged into the Facebook abyss. It was fun at first. As a matter of fact I became pretty obsessed. Finding friends from long ago, checking out what my nephews were up to 3, 000 miles away in Colombia, and fulfilling a voyeuristic need I never knew I had. I posted my status like a duty to humanity. I hoarded friends to validate that “you like me, you really like me!” And oh yeah, I promoted this phenomenal organization I am privileged to work with.

It was a good run for a while, until it happened. My “babies” started to “friend” me. Past and present mentees found me and wanted me as their friend! I loved it! My ego was being nicely stroked – I was cool. In the throws of my infatuation, I checked for people’s status throughout the day – I have always admitted to being nosy so this was heaven! Harmless right? NOT!!!! Suddenly my “pure as the driven snow” kids were posting all their business. What they did the night before, with whom and how much, pictures of themselves that could only qualify as soft porn, and of course all and any criminal activity they partook in. FOR REAL????? ARE YOU KIDDING????? This is exactly why I avoided that other website! Now I have to gouge my eyes out, and get a lobotomy. Thanks!

Seriously though, it is imperative that our youth learn that not only is it unnecessary to post how many time they are going to the bathroom, but that colleges, employers and law enforcement use these sites to evaluate, verify, or indict our young people and their activities.
Our society is loosing touch with each other – let’s peel ourselves away from that glossy screen and look into each other eyes and talk. And let’s go by this general rule – if you wouldn’t show it to your mom, don’t post it!


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