Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Return - by Marjorie

Our beautiful friend Marjorie from Street Poets wrote this poem honoring our journey on the mountain.

My return from the mountains
In the bosom of what's divine in the feminine
Has melted icebergs within me
Creating fountains of rain
Streaming from my soul & within my veins
Cleansing & rebirthing me
"I can see clearly now the tears are gone"
Found the strength & power to move on
To dissolve obstructions
Like salt in water
Like pain in life
I taste the water shed from all the strife
Savor the spice
And realize everything nice
And breathe-
'Cause all I need is O2 to maintain me
H2O to sustain me
Earth mother to contain me
Absorb me
When I hold rocks
That release whispers of ancestral plans to my hands
They know
So I know
When I know
You know
And so, from the mountains
I return on my return.

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