Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

This week I'd like to highlight a great organization that one of our very own mentors, Bridgett Thompson, is a part of. Let's Give Them a Shot, founded by Derek Locklear, provides quality sports instruction and equipment to kids living in "at-risk" areas of Los Angeles. LGTS teaches kids the basics of volleyball, baseball/softball, and soccer. While kids have the opportunity to play sports, they are also learning important life lessons such as sharing, teamwork and community and beginning a path towards a healthy lifestyle. Many of the kids LGTS works with, live in areas with limited resources, limited open space to play in addition to high obesity rates.

Bridgett Thompson is going onto her 7th year as mentor in our Odyssey program. Not only is she a great mentor, but somehow she finds the time to be a part of another great organization like Let's Give Them a Shot. She firmly believes in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and discovering oneself through sports. “I love sports and know that it can be a healthy tool in building character. Participating in sports is more than just about winning its learning life lessons: helping others, sharing and team work. Kid’s lives these days often have a lot vying for their attention. I coach to teach kids to let go, relax, enjoy and play their game in that moment. It is important to look forward but also stay in the present. These lessons and skills will last long after the season ends.”

Thanks to LGTS many kids will benefit from having positive role models in their life!

If you would like more information about Let's Give Them a Shot, please visit their website:

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