Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why you all up in my business?

Recently I was told about an invitation that one of our young people had posted on AIM for her 18th birthday party, and I was thrown into one of my famous tirades about how it never fails to astonish me how incredibly smart kids can do such incredibly stupid things…. I am paraphrasing, but it was quite specific about “ there will be plenty of alcohol, but BYOW – Bring your own weed or drug of choice.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Now, I am no expert on AIM, by choice, but I do know that it is a form of social networking a la texting, so whatever you post everyone who is in your buddy list will see everything you post… So you really want to put your business out there like that? Why not just call 911 and tell them that you are going to be having a party where there will be a bunch of underage kids engaging in all kinds of criminal activities? How about telling the world about what you are going to do to your boo that night? I DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THIS LITTLE GIRL!

Listen kids, I made a conscious decision to not go on to MySpace, or AIM, so that I would not be all up in your business, but can you please think before you put all of your business out there? Because I may not be the one trying to find out about you! Remember , if I can find out about all of this, so can your future employers! So, before you post anything else, think – would I want Hoolie or my employer to know this about me? If the answer is no…. keep it to yourself, please!

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