Wednesday, June 17, 2009


On Saturday May 23rd close to 100 audience members were awed and inspired by the Premiere of the Urban Oasis Film Academy's latest production "Moment of Decision". Made by a collective of young people under the guiding hand of Mark Schwartz (Alchemy Media) and Charles Campbell this was a story about the kind of decisions young people in Los Angeles face on a daily basis.

Drugs, violence and gangs all were a part of the gritty tableau. The young people strove to show a graphic dramatization of what life in and around the streets of South Central Los Angeles is like. Being unable to walk down your street for fear of getting "jumped", facing constant temptation and peer pressure to take part in anti social activities. Being from the community the young people were able to tell the side of the story not often portrayed in the mainstream media. As we found out more about the characters in the midst of tragedy we saw resilience and strength. This all resonated with the audience who offered a standing ovation as the young film makers took the stage for a spirited question and answer session. An auspicious beginning for these aspiring film-makers.

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