Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Gift Idea

Dear Friend,
If you are like me, the holidays are both a joy and a pain. I don’t have to explain the first, but the pain comes from finding just the right gift for your family or friends. You want it to be special and meaningful but let’s face it—how many Caribbean cruises can you afford to give?

Don’t fret. I’ve got a great idea.

Make a contribution to YMC in the name of your friend or family member and we’ll send them a specially designed charitable gift card . We’ll be able to help more youth—and you’ll get a tax deduction. Talk about a win/win situation. To sweeten the pot, the Frieda C. Fox Foundation will make a two to one match of gifts of $100 to $500. So, your $100 gift is worth $300 to YMC.

Whatever holiday gifts you chose to give, I want to personally thank you for the gifts you bring to us. Working with us to make sure our youth have an opportunity to give THEIR gifts to the world is so important. I know it takes time, patience and love. Thank you for sharing all of that and more with us and our kids.

Click here if you are ready to make a donation


Tony LoRe

Founder and President

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